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 Tsuiraku Tsumi ("Crashing Sin")

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PostSubject: Tsuiraku Tsumi ("Crashing Sin")   Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:19 am

Name: Tsuiraku Tsumi ("Crashing Sin")
Rank/Class: Espada.
Type: Ice.
Description: The user draws moisture from the air or the body and creates a rain of small crystals which at first glance, seems to be just rain. But, upon close inspection, it is actually tiny dark purple- almost black- crystals of ice that are raining down from the sky. This gathering of moisture is achieved by simply uttering the word "Atsumaru" ("Gather"). Once enough moisture is gathered, the user will recite the command; "Tsumi no ame o shitsubō" ("Let the sin rain down"). LArger crystals form when the user uses the command of "Ochiru" ("crash").
Ability:  As they fall, some of the raining crystals grown larger and larger until they're nearly the size of a small car and can easily crush a target. Where as the smaller ones continue to rain down. However, should they touch anything they can draw the moisture out of it or the air around it, causing the oxygen to become useless. The nearly black crystals have given it the name of Tsumi or "sin" since it is the color many believe to represent sin.
Strengths: Strong against fire and water based attacks.
Weaknesses: Weak against electric based attacks.
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Tsuiraku Tsumi ("Crashing Sin")
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