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 Keiko Espada #2 WIP

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PostSubject: Keiko Espada #2 WIP   Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:34 pm

Name: Keiko
Gender: Female
Age (Human): 20-25
Number: 2

Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Silver
Figure: Hourglass figure, large breast, seductive look about her
Extra Details:
She always tries to appear attractive to the opposite sex and makes it a point to look rather nice even though she is considered to be the sex machine of the Espada simply because there are very few females to begin with.
Zanpaktou Name: Dansā o Idō (Elegant Dancer)
Zanpakuto Command: Eregantona dansā o idō (Move, elegant dancer)
Zanpakuto Appearance:
Information: Her zanpaktou is shortened to a degree and decorated to fit her cheerful personality. The katana itself has japanese symbols which are actually engraved names of her dead friends from her hollow days. Her sword is the saphire blue blade.

Command: Eregantona dansā o idō (Move, elegant dancer)

.:Segunda Etapa:. (Optional)
Command: Kaze o tōshite watashi no aisuru dansādansu (dance through the winds my loving dancer)

.:Sepcial Abilities:.
List any special abilities your character has here.

.:Hollow Abilities:.
Cero Billar (Cero Billiards) When formed from the finger tips or any body part for that matter, the cero is condensed into a tiny ball which is shot forward. The ball separates into several miniature balls that shoot out like a beam. They have the ability to inflict severe burns and cuts. However, its half the power of the fully condensed cero.

Cero Doble is a type of Cero where the user absorbs the other cero through their mouth and fires it back with their own cero mixed in.

Cero Sincrético Two users form ceros and form them into a fused ball that has a high power, but is very draining on both users.

Glamourous Cero is a regular Cero in the shape of a heart, giving it a wider range.

Gran Rey Cero This cero is only available to the espada, after cutting the area where the user launches their cero, it spins like a razor compressing and decompressing. This cero is also able to rip the fabric of space.

Cero Oscuras A fully charged espada's cero, black in color. Its power is above any other cero, and has a vast range.

Cero Metralleta Fires off a barrage of cero, about the size of a bullet but are faster than a bala but are weaker in raw power.

La Mirada ("The Gaze") Was once only Kaname Tōsen's special move alone. The user gains the ability to charge a lime-green Cero in front of both of their eyes. The two Ceros are generated separately, but they fuse together before firing.

Los Nueve Aspectos ("The Nine Aspects", "Nine Pagoda Final Kill") The user draws lime-green circles in the air with their fingers/fingernails, creating a massive burst of Cero that fans out with crushing power.

Bala- The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist. Though weaker than a cero blast, it moves about twenty times faster.

Cero- High-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers.

Garganta- It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway

Hierro- Hardened skin caused by the compression of spirit power. This allows Arrancar to block released Zanpakuto bare-handed, but is not impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar possess stronger skin.

Negacion- A field that surrounds a target and pulls them towards the caster. This is often used to rescue or protect fellow Hollow.

Pesquisa- The ability to sense and track spiritual power.

Sonido- Allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances, similar to flash step.

.:A little Deeper:.
Human Image(s):

Personality: She is rather calm and collected, tends to be very seductive with a tendency to joke a bit. She is rutheless when in battle and shows no mercy to any opponent no matter how much they may deserve it. To be who she is she has a tendency to be unusually kind toward the other Espada, she was at one point in time tossed around between them as the only female. When her bretheren are in danger she has a tendency to act like a mother and be very overprotective of them.

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Keiko Espada #2 WIP
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