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 Narumi Hakushoku'yūrei

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PostSubject: Narumi Hakushoku'yūrei    Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:20 am

   Name:Narumi Hakushoku'yūrei
   Meaning: Growing beauty (of the) white Ghost
   ~Nickname(s): Naru
   Pronounced: Nah-rue-mee Ha-coo-show-koo'you-ray
   Gender: Male
   Age (Human): 21
   Number: 1

   Eye Color: Ice blue
   Hair Color: Light blonde
   Figure: Well built muscular and a eight pack stomach. Built for fighting and taking people down.
   Extra Details:  He doesn't feel pain like an average person one might say he's a masochist, that is the more he's wounded in a fight the more thrilled and dangerous he becomes. He has several tattoo's on his frame one of a dragon pointing down over his hip one of skull and flowers and the other's people only get glimpses of. He doesn't seem to have the 'hollow hole' of Hueco Mundo, or the remnants of a mask He also has Cold Immunity in other words no matter what form his body is immune to extreme cold, making him immune to hypothermia and freezing.

   Zanpaktou Name: Azayakana Sanjō 鮮やかな惨状
   Zanpakuto Command: Tochi o tōketsu, Azayakana Sanjō (土地を凍結,鮮やかな惨状) ((Freeze the lands, Brilliant Devastation)
   Spirit Appearance:
   Zanpakuto Appearance: It's the skull sword he's holding in the image long and wicked...
As a human he had uncanny psi abilities.
Uncanny strength he can crush diamond in his bare hand.
Uncanny agility and reflexes as well as stamina.

  • Ice Fang~ is a powerful close-range attack. The user coats there sword in ice, any wound that is created by the blade in this state freezes the wound and surrounding tissue as if bitten by the fangs of a wolf. This attack freezes the foe.

   Command: Tōketsu sa reta nikushimi o mezame saseru
As a human he had uncanny psi abilities.
Uncanny strength he can crush diamond in his bare hand.
Uncanny agility and reflexes as well as stamina.

  • Cocytus~ is an extremly powerful ice attack. The user slams a fist or weapon into the ground, forming a gigantic shard of ice to explode upwards from beneath the foe.

  • Black Frost~ The user begins by charging ice energy into their weapons or their own bodies, and holding the charge. Once enough power is built up, the user must release all negative energy built into the charge. This results in a change in the energy's polarity, differentiating it from common ice energy. The user can then release the attack in many ways, including a physical powerup on a weapon or body part, or a blast of ice energy (size and style depends on both power and user). Impact is devastating.

  • Ice Storm is an extremely powerful ice attack. The user first quickly gather's frozen energy into a sphere, and then fire's the attack in a large wide blast, instantly freezing and shattering anything caught in the attack causing great damage.  

  • Frost Blades is a powerful, Ice-aligned long-range cutting move.  The user focuses Ice energy (sometimes whipping up whirlwinds), and then releases the energy in the form of a powerful storm of slicing winds and/or spinning crescent blades of Ice energy.

   .:Segunda Etapa:. (Optional)
   Command:Kōri no omo ni shīru o rirīsu (氷の主にシールをリリース) ((Release the seal on the Lord of ice))

As a human he had uncanny psi abilities.
Uncanny strength he can crush diamond in his bare hand.
Uncanny agility and reflexes as well as stamina.

Umbra-Cryokinesis~ User User can create and manipulate the darkest aspect of ice that is straight from the darkest fears sentient mind has about winter, ice and arctic areas, including the fears of treacherous ice breaking, burying/devouring, damaging or tripping the victim in downright malicious ways. Dark ice doesn't just freeze, it crushes and shatters all things, including regular ice.

Demonic Ice Manipulation~ The users can generate and manipulate the mystical demonic ice, which cannot be melted by mortal means, drawn straight from the darkest fears sentient mind has about winter, ice and arctic areas, including the fears of treacherous ice breaking, burying/devouring, damaging or tripping the victim in malicious awareness.

Demonic Ice can cause excruciating pain upon contact instead or cause instant death, possibly even for relatively beneficial purposes, such as summoning spirits of the deceased temporarily back to the world of living from hell. Some users can even use Reanimation or Resurrection via Summoning the damned and/or Demons.

Freezing Rain~ Users can generate freezing rain: rain that falls when surface temperatures are below freezing. Unlike rain and snow mixed, ice pellets, or hail, freezing rain is made entirely of liquid droplets. The raindrops become supercooled while passing through a sub-freezing layer of air many hundreds of feet above the surface, and then freeze upon impact with any object they encounter. The resulting ice, called glaze, can accumulate to a respectable thickness and be quite heavy.

Omni~Freeze-The user can freeze anything, from tangible targets such as people to intangible energy such as fire, or even concepts such as time. Cold Immunity provides no defense against this ability. Thawing of ice is much more difficult, if not impossible, than normal ice. Due to freezing at such otherwise impossible levels, breakdowns at atomic levels and superconductivity occur.
   .:Sepcial Abilities:.
 Cero Billar (Cero Billiards) When formed from the finger tips or any body part for that matter, the cero is condensed into a tiny ball which is shot forward. The ball separates into several miniature balls that shoot out like a beam. They have the ability to inflict severe burns and cuts. However, its half the power of the fully condensed cero.

Cero Doble is a type of Cero where the user absorbs the other cero through their mouth and fires it back with their own cero mixed in.

Cero Sincrético Two users form ceros and form them into a fused ball that has a high power, but is very draining on both users.

Gran Rey Cero This cero is only available to the espada, after cutting the area where the user launches their cero, it spins like a razor compressing and decompressing. This cero is also able to rip the fabric of space.

Cero Oscuras A fully charged espada's cero, black in color. Its power is above any other cero, and has a vast range.

Cero Metralleta Fires off a barrage of cero, about the size of a bullet but are faster than a bala but are weaker in raw power.

Los Nueve Aspectos ("The Nine Aspects", "Nine Pagoda Final Kill") The user draws lime-green circles in the air with their fingers/fingernails, creating a massive burst of Cero that fans out with crushing power.
   .:Hollow Abilities:.
   Bala- The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist. Though weaker than a cero blast, it moves about twenty times faster.

Cero- High-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers.

Garganta- It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway

Hierro- Hardened skin caused by the compression of spirit power. This allows Arrancar to block released Zanpakuto bare-handed, but is not impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar possess stronger skin.

Negacion- A field that surrounds a target and pulls them towards the caster. This is often used to rescue or protect fellow Hollow.

Pesquisa- The ability to sense and track spiritual power.

Sonido- Allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances, similar to flash step.

   .:A little Deeper:.
   Human Image(s):

   Personality:He has a whatever personality. Basically whatever amuses him or annoys him he deals with in that moment and is gone and done with. Narumi doesn't hold grudges a friend today could very well be an enemy tomorrow and a friend the day after that. Whatever suits him happens. He's never been very interested in girls per-say or guys. An Espada that more or less keeps to himself it a wonder to many how he made it to the rank he holds but honestly it's because he is an ice lord.....whose heart is as hard to melt as the ice he wields.

He doesn't remember his human life, doesn't remember much of the time he he was a hollow working up to arrancar or even how he became an Espada all of that is a cold dark blur to him. In truth even if he did remember it would be a fabricated lie. Narumi was created by Miyuri Kurostsuchi in order to try to create a Hollow/Shinigami hi-bred that would serve soul society. Much in the same way that he created his daughter the problem was a design flaw he didn't see coming. Narumi held no love for anyone or anything in fact he might as well have just been created a hollow. Tore out of Maiyuri's lab and made his way to Hueco Mundo with naught a memory of anything and what he did have was fragmented at best. Hours in jolted scenes. He found his way to where the other Espada were and worked his way up from the bottom, but due to his lack of hollow hole or mask.....one wonders if he is one of them at times. That is until he takes his final form and shows he is indeed one of them. A creation though in a lab he has no true past and no long life before hand. A mere fragment.....he has no idea at all about the truth of his origins and his creative 'father' is no longer around to find contain him and bring him in to take apart and figure out where he went wrong. He's heard of rumors of the man in order to find him capturing dying Espada in the past and creating a mod-soul variation one that he does not know if it was true or not.   He has no one he holds overly close and lives by a interesting set of rules. 'Keep them out and keep it in.' he has a third release he doesn't particularly like using and if made to use well all hell breaks loose because he'll make you pay for it.
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Narumi Hakushoku'yūrei
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