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 Jūkinzoku Kichiku & Jūkinzoku Gokurakuchō's Abilities

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PostSubject: Jūkinzoku Kichiku & Jūkinzoku Gokurakuchō's Abilities   Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:57 pm

Name: Karasu no Hane (カラスの羽 'Crow's Feathers').
Rank/Class: Seated Member/Arrancar.
Type: Illusion/Sleep.
Description: Despite it's name, this ability is a rather simple one. It allows the user to generate 'feathers' which hypnotize the user and often puts them in a state of confusion, and causes them to hallucinate. At times, the victim can hallucinate to the point of insanity or suicide. Normally however,the hallucinations are similar to tripping on LSD or some other hallucinate.
Strengths: Can cause serious confusion and can even lead to suicide.
Weaknesses: Can easily be broken by simple pain or even someone else breaking it from the outside. Often, this is achieved by the victim simply being awoken from the hallucination induced 'semi-sleep'.

Name: Akuma no Tsume (悪魔の爪 'Demon's Claws').
Rank/Class: Captain/Espada.
Type: Energy.
Description: This ability is a rather simple concept. The user generates claws or talons from the energy generated by their spiritual pressure, and swipes their sword across the air to fire the 'talons'.

With one swipe, four 'talons' are created and fired at the target. However, this attack is limited to only three swipes before the user must rest.
Strengths: Long range, multiple attacks which cause it to be harder to dodge.
Weaknesses: Can be dodged, can be stopped with the targets opposing energy, and can be destroyed with any elemental type attack.

Name: Karasu no Ko (カラスの呼 'Call of the crow').
Rank/Class: Seated Member/Arrancar.
Type: Sound.
Description: The user creates a sound wave which is both painful to the victim and also can be heard by a special 'beast' that the user summons and is used to summon such 'beasts'. This ability momentarily paralyzes the victim and allows for the user to buy time in order for the summoned 'beasts' to appear.

The sound wave is achieved by the user swinging their sword in the air. The sound is generated through a special hole between the blade of their sword and the handle.
Strengths: Can travel long distances and cover larger areas.
Weaknesses: Does not work against deaf targets, can be drowned out by plugging/covering your ears.

Name: Jigoku no Shisha (地獄の 使者 'Messengers of Hell').
Rank/Class: Captain/Espada.
Type: Summon.
Description: The user summons red eyed, large crows or ravens from darkness, using Karasu no Ko ("Call of the Crow"). These scavangers are not just your average little crows. No, they're said to have been summon from the darkness of hell itself. Alone, they're only true abilities is to attack an enemy with their talons, beaks and wings. However, they've got a much more sinister purpose.

Strengths: They're strong against fire type attacks and zanpakuto.
Weaknesses: They can be destroyed by pretty much any means except for fire.

Name: Akuma Shisen (悪魔視線 'Devil Eyes').
Rank/Class: Captain/Espada.
Type: Illusion.
Description: This ability allows the summoned 'messengers' to create and illusion of hell, allowing the victim to see nothing but darkness, yet they can hear the screams and whispered pleas of those suffering. However, this move, as it progresses, creates the illusion of the victim plunging into hell's very depths, falling through each layer into their deaths.

The illusion becomes so real that many end their own lives in a wish to end their suffering as they can feel the heat of the flames lick at their falling bodies and the pains of every layer they fall through.
Strengths: The illusion generated by this ability is hard to break, and often ends in the death of the victim. This ability also has only a small number of weaknesses.
Weaknesses: The main flaw in this ability is that should the victim gain a sense of rationality and realize they're in an illusion, the illusion will shatter.

Secondly, the illusion can be broken by an outside force applying their spiritual pressure and running it through the victim's body, giving the ability no time to adjust to the incoming spiritual energy.
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Jūkinzoku Kichiku & Jūkinzoku Gokurakuchō's Abilities
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