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 Sakrales Licht (Sacred Light)

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Ten Ansho


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PostSubject: Sakrales Licht (Sacred Light)    Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:59 pm

Basic Information
Name: Sakrales Licht

Ranks: 0-12

Chosen Leader:Yugure Ryoshi

Leader Information
-Leaders Rank: 0

[i]-Leaders Character Link:Yugure Ryoshi's Information

History, Intentions, Description
History: Developed after the 1,000 year war, it was a rag tag group attempting to hide in the shadows and slowly build itself. It never really took off until Yugure took the reigns of Skareles Licht. Or the Sacred's as many call them. She took over at the age of 15 and has been leading them ever since finding lost and solitary Quincy that are out there while they remain as Quincy that does not change they function outside of the Quincy's as something else.

Intentions:Yugure won't waste time arguing her points with the Shinigami. She is aware of the 'balance that must be maintained' according to the Shinigami and does not allow her group to go around recklessly killing off thousands of hollows. Instead what her group the Sacreds do is go around and function as the first line of defense buying the innocent people time to get away from hollows until the Shinigami arrive before disappearing making certain that they stay clear of and avoid the Shinigami at all costs...

Description:The are a splinter group of the Quincy who take the time and energy to prevent innocent people from dying needlessly at the hands of the hollows. They also stay clear of the Shinigami as is there wishes of there Divine Lady or Yugure. Yugure is the only one who possess a unique skill set capable of sending on the Hollow's outside of the Shinigami......one which she hides for fear them chasing her down and the group is more like a family which worries her because she fears they'll throw there lives away to keep her safe.
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Sakrales Licht (Sacred Light)
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