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 Momo's Zanpakuto Powers

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PostSubject: Momo's Zanpakuto Powers   Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:59 am

Name: Go Michisuji: Nokoribi (五道筋: 残り火 "Five Paths: Ember")
Rank/Class: Captain/Bankai.
Type: Long-ranged Fire Attack.
Description: The user has the ability to take their spiritual energy and create small flames at the tips of their fingers and launch them toward their chosen victim as a projectile weapon. These 'embers' not only do moderate damage by burning the victim, but also attach to the victim stacking the power of the final strike and weighing them down to slow their movements.

Name: Go Michisuji: Myōjō (五道筋: 明星 "Five Paths: Morning Star").
Rank/Class: Captain/Bankai.
Type: Long-ranged Fire Attack.
Description: As a 'second dance', and final stage of attack, the user builds up their energy (1-2 post charge limit) and then proceeds to launch the concentrated thermal energy toward the victim. Upon impact, the embers attached to the victim and the concentrated flames all explode at the same time and creates a massive flash of thermal energy causing them to erupt into flames in the shape of a 'star'.

Name: Oki Bakudan (燠爆弾 "Ember Bomb").
Rank/Class: Lieutenant/Shikai.
Type: Close-range Heat Attack.
Description: The user can build up the thermal energy and then release it all upon a direct strike against the victim and sending the heat through their body effectively boiling them from the inside out. It takes 2-3 posts to build up the energy required for this attack.

Name: Kasai no Hanabira (火災の花びら "Petals of Fire").
Rank/Class: Lieutenant/Shikai.
Type: Long-range Heat Attack.
Description: The user has the ability to build up thermal energy and release it in the form of a blast, similar to that of an Espada's Cero, toward the opponent. The only major drawback is that it loses temperature as it progresses through the air before striking the victim.
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Momo's Zanpakuto Powers
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