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 Moeru yōna hōshu 燃えるユナ保守 WIP.....

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PostSubject: Moeru yōna hōshu 燃えるユナ保守 WIP.....   Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:32 am

Name: Moeru yōna hōshu 燃えるユナ保守
Meaning: Burning/Blooming Dove (of) Protection

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Extra Details:

.:Power Level:.
Power Level: There are two levels of power a human can currently at obtain.

Level One- Humans with power level one fall into a range that covers both amateur and intermediate warriors. A human with this phase of control are equivalent to unranked and academy student shinigami at the minimum, and at the maximum, they are equivalent to 7th seat shinigami. Anyone may start with this power level.

Level Two- Humans with power level two fall into the range equivalent to 6th seat Shinigami at the minimum, and Vice Captain at the maximum. Only skilled RPers who have proven that they can handle this level may obtain this level.

Level Three- Humans with power level two fall into the range equivalent to a captain without their bankai. NOBODY may start with this power level. You can only obtain this if you have proven yourself worthy!

.:Sepcial Ability/Abilities:.
List any special ability/abilities your character has here.

.:Physical Transformation:.
If your character experiences a physical transformation while using their power, describe their appearance here.

.:A little Deeper:.


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Moeru yōna hōshu 燃えるユナ保守 WIP.....
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