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 A Stolen moment.

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Ten Ansho


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PostSubject: A Stolen moment.    Sun May 10, 2015 1:12 am

He walked out of the bathroom after Kirai had helped clean this place up they went back to Hat-n-clog's for a bit more training for a couple of weeks and then came back here and still his family wasn't here yet. He was beginning to wonder if they would come here of if the old man knew things he wasn't letting on. Too many things from that nightmare or what he had convinced himself was a nightmare were turning out to be truths. He walked though into the bedroom that felt like it was used to a powerful Reiatsu in the room Ichigo's old room and now his. It just seemed fitting. But that wasn't what he was looking at.

The desk was cleaned his senior year books were stacked on the back corner of the desk his clothes folded and put away. The bed was made a black satin sheets with a deep crimson faux fur blank over that was a comforter thick down solid black with swirling crimson red and gold flames arching through it. Two pillows but it was the figure sleeping on the made bed. He was lean but well built for his height his blue hair held this interesting purple tint to it and right now those blue eyes of his were closed. Shirtless, no shoes just pants and sleeping.....crashed out cold as far as Ten could tell on his bed. He dropped the towel over the back of his desk chair wearing a pair of loose fitting sweats and nothing else really he walked up nothing happened that day in the shower bad timing on so many different things a hollow showing up thanks to Ten's reiatsu.....and....and....he had no idea Kirai was hating himself because he didn't want to be the one to lead anything on. If anything happened.

Tenki sat down on the edge of the bed reaching forwards to brush his hair back letting his fingers trace along the side of Kirai's face and down his own eyes narrowed not angry but looking at the this one....Kirai was laying on his back and he shifted leaning up before he thought better of it and caught himself a hair's width away from actually kissing Kirai, his hands on the bed on either side of his head. Heart thudding wildly in his chest as his lips pressed up against Kirai's own but the deed was done....wasn't it and he finished what he started laying a kiss on the sleeping man's lips and heard the cheer in the back of his mind. Darned inner hollow would like that one. His long black hair pooled next to Kirai's head on the pillow as Tenki started to pull away.....stupid that was so stupid.

'What was I thinking....i wasn't...he's sleeping for crying out loud....' Ten thought as he began to back away....hopefully without having upset Kirai.
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Awai Hana

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PostSubject: Re: A Stolen moment.    Sun May 10, 2015 2:15 am

He had been sleeping, having crashed without really thinking anything of it. He had been so tired, worn out from the days of cleaning and heavy lifting. He knew he was a horrible person, instigating things that Tenki probably thought were unnatural, or even worse...revolting. His ease had come because he had laid down on Tenki's bed, his scent and traces of his spiritual pressure all on the thick comforter. He had relaxed, and relaxed so much that he fell asleep without meaning to.

However, he had been perfectly content to just lay there while Tenki took a shower. He hadn't meant to attract such attention to himself. Even so, when he felt the bed move, giving way to Tenki's weight, he had woken up, just didn't open his eyes. He had felt the teen lingering over him, hovering so achingly close. He shouldn't have wished for it, but had selfishly wanted him to lean closer and kiss him. He nearly lost it and jumped for joy when Tenki actually leaned in and kissed him, so achingly gentle like that. But he had managed to keep himself under control, and when Tenki pulled away, he opened his eyes to look up at the teen before him.

"You're such a tease..." he mumbled lowly, his voice still filled with sleep. He was awake, but still sleep muffled. He brought his arms up to wrap around Tenki's neck and held him there, probably against his will, but it wasn't of his concern now. "Don't just tease me and then run away...show me you really mean it Tenki..."
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Ten Ansho


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PostSubject: Re: A Stolen moment.    Sun May 10, 2015 2:25 am

Tenki froze the moment Kirai's eyes opened and then he spoke but they weren't hateful words 'Your such a tease' before arms were around his neck and shoulders holding him there and to show him he meant it. Not to run away. The arms around his neck were indeed holding him there and if he really truly wanted to fight to get away he probably could. But he didn't his heart had skipped a beat and his breathe caught. It really wasn't fair, Kirai had absolutely no idea what he looked like speaking like that while he woke up sleepily in Tenki's own bed through heavily lashes and a voice laiden with the edges of sleepiness. Fair....far from it but didn't Tenki himself start this when he leaned in and paused then finished it by kissing him so chaste on the lips? He couldn't even pretend to say he tripped or something he had purposely sat down and then leaned in....not that Kirai knew that right?

All of that raced through him in the time it took his heart to skip a beat. He reached up and ran his fingers through the blue hair of the other before him. "I'm not running away." He countered lowly and he wasn't he had pulled back once he realized he really did just give in to the impulse to kiss him and didn't want to upset Kirai but then Kirai's answer upon waking and Ten leaned back in closing the distance between them once again and kissing Kirai starting things instigating them,he hadn't misread the signals at all that he had been getting from Kirai like he thought he might be....so right now he just focused on 'devouring' Kirai's mouth with a second kiss.
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PostSubject: Re: A Stolen moment.    

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A Stolen moment.
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