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 Rules of the Site

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:33 pm

1. Please have your character approved before you RP. It's vitally important you do this.

2. There is no character limit for everyone unless stated otherwise by an admin. DO NOT abuse this!

3. Everyone MUST wait for their character profiles to be approved before they may begin RPing on the board.

4. No spamming (posting needlessly) a topic. No double posting either. If you forgot to say something, that’s what the EDIT button is there for.

5. Try to get along with other members. We all want to have a good time. Anyone found making fun of or fighting needlessly with other RPers will get one warning. If it happens again, you get a temporary ban. Again, and you are banned for good.

6. Cursing is not forbidden, but don’t be belligerent. We don’t want to see someone using the f-word in every sentence.

7. No Power Playing (having God-like characters). Nobody is invincible. No God-modding (controlling another person's character) either. That means no writing things such as: "Bob charged at George. He punched George in the gut, then grabbed him by the throat and held him against the wall." None of that, okay?

8. Character deaths are rather frequent in this game, and therefor another one may be made if the death was legitimate (Ex: Saying you fell on a fork which punctured your eye, thus killing you does not count as legitimate) without much more question. But, try to have a little variety with your characters. Pick different ranks, or make something a little different. You don't HAVE to change ranks every time, but just try to be a little different for the sake of RP.

9. No sassing the staff members. Failure to listen to the staff can, and most likely will, result in a ban.

10. Have fun! It’s just a game!

11. NO STEALING CONTENT!!! I really don't want to ban anyone because of this... If you want to use something that someone has posted on the forum, ASK before using it!

12. Try to only be in one place (in the RPG) at a time. It can get really confusing if your character is in two or more places at once ^_^;; If you do, please explain that its a different time of the day that day.

13. No posting other people's artwork/writings. I know that I am speaking for every dedicated member here when I say that we don't want this forum closed down because some idiot violated copyright laws.

14. For all in-character posts, there is a three sentence minimum. Just having your character say "Okay" does not cut it. It is not descriptive and is impossible for others to reply to. So please, just write a couple sentences per RP post.

15. Now first off, since the site is still relatively new, all ranks are available right now.

16. Do not purposely flame people, its just rude and takes away the fun of a game.

17. Do not PM admins or moderators unless necessary. Give at least 24 hours for the admins/mods to respond. If they do not then you are allowed to either PM another mod/admin or pm them again. Within 78 hours and no reply alert the active admins. They will look at this subject matter to see if they are inactive or such. In the mean time. Be Patient. The admins and mods are busy and we all do have lives so wait. They will check whatever you desire soon enough. Just wait. ^^

18. Make Lengthy posts. They do not have to be super long but long enough so that we can clearly see what your doing. Details!

19. Do not question admins what they say is FINAL. It is so that you are not OP(overpowered) and that other players do not COMPLAIN we are here to help you have fun not to argue with you!

20. Please do NOT complain about someone being OP. We ALL somehow in someway can be OP so please don't say that this person is OP and such and get in an argument over who is OP. We ALL can be OP depending on someones point of view. Just chill about it and have FUN! That's what this forum is about anyways!

21. Follow all of the templates and other rules PLEASE!

Well, that's all. If I see something that I feel should be added, then I will edit it onto the list. So be sure to check back once in a while.
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Rules of the Site
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